Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 in review.

I haven't felt particularly inspired to write my usual end of year/new year posts Not sure if it is part of my overall blogging malaise or a deeper desire to not share stuff.  Anyway I figured it wouldn't hurt to see how I did my my list of resolution at the beginning of this year.

1. Deal with my health and fitness issues.
Well I sure stuck to that!  I've pretty much worked out what sets off my endometriosis and have had several pain free periods lately.  I started a strength training program and I'm now the fittest/strongest I've been in years. I saw a physio about my hip problems and while I have not fixed that issue I at least know what the problem is now.

2.  To run 10km without stopping.

Running the full 12km City to Bay fun run pretty much dealt with that!

3. To get more organised.
As usual this was an epic fail. :) But I shall resolve to do this once again this year. Hope springs eternal eh?

4. To switch my crafting from fun to profitable.
Well the big problem with this one was my total loss of craft mojo this year.  I did create quite a few things but not in the way I used to (none of it was just for fun.) I still really haven't got it back yet so this year is likely to be rather uncrafty.

5. To stop wearing my nursing bras.
Done! Now the search is on for the perfect sports bra. :)

Felix started school and loved it, Poppy started childcare and tolerated it. I have not gone back to work yet but I did a work related course during the year and now that Poppy can cope with childcare I feel better about looking for work.  All in all it was a good year and I achieved a great deal of personal growth (both mentally and physically.) I think 2013 is my chance to build on all the ground work I put down in 2012 and make some big changes in my life.


  1. Sometimes, giving in to not having that mojo might just work! :) Glad to know that you've made some great inroads towards the things you'd like to do more of! I can't wait to see what you'll end up doing in 2013. :)

  2. So glad to see that someone else blogs as infrequently as I do! I try to blog some of the bits and pieces that I manage to create from time to time- for my own future self to reflect upon- but I totally get the 'no feedback' thing. If no-one else seems to share your passion it's hard to get back to the blog very often.

    I followed you over here via this little pathway: I was looking at Heather Bailey fabrics; then followed a link to a photo of some finished products on flickr; somehow came across your sewing projects; and then eventually jumped here wanting to see if you had anymore local (ie Aussie) advice on resources for sewing. Does that make me a 15-minute stalker? Hahaha (oh I hope not...)

    I felt I had to comment though when I saw your first paragraph mention the pain you are having with endometriosis. I have suffered this fate for far too long, but finally have a medium-term solution. It doesn't totally get rid of all pain but it is a great improvement. I had an IUD (a Mirena) fitted a couple of years ago after suffering through 52 days of menstruation!! This was preceded by years and years of girly troubles.

    The Mirena delivers a small amount of progesterone to the uterus on a regular basis. Unlike using Provera about 15 years ago (which saw me put on tremendous amounts of weight that I have since struggled to budge), there aren't too many noticeable side effects with the Mirena, though it does take a few months to start working its magic.

    For birth control (not that I need it- thanks to the endometriosis I've never been able to conceive) it would usually get changed every five years. Unfortunately with endo, it has to be changed every 2-3 years. I had mine changed recently and am still in some pain but I'm greatly relieved that it won't last so long. And I don't have to put up with periods every month!

    You might already know all about this, but I thought I should mention it anyway, since it took so long before it was offered (or even suggested) to me. I hate it when people know a solution to something but never think to communicate it, so I thought I should speak up.

    Anyway, you can look into it or not- I'll never know. Just hope I haven't sounded too forthright or nosey?

    cheerio, Lou

  3. Hi there. just touching base so you know i eventually get around to reading these :)