Friday, December 14, 2012

Poppy turns 3.

Sorry this is a bit late Poppy, but I've been so sick that I just couldn't get this posted on time.

This year has been a pretty big one for you. Lots of milestones, lots of amazing moments and very few set backs.  You are so different to the other two kids and I find myself underestimating you all the time as I struggle to keep up with you.

You started childcare recently.  I would never have even considered putting either Daisy or Felix into care but you have handled it really well. There are tears, of course, as you adjust to this new situation but your carers have reassured me that once I leave you brighten up and play happily until I come to get you.  They are all impressed with how well you speak - it must be from all the practice you get all day, everyday! You certainly talked earlier than your siblings, which was quite a surprise to us. Now that I can put you in childcare for one day a week I can head off back to work so that will be a new adjustment for you, but I know you'll handle it.

You are now toilet trained.  I had to try a couple of times over the year but eventually you made the decision on your own and were dry day and night in about a week. You have the occasional accident (usually during a tantrum) but other than that life is good.  I am so happy to be done with nappies forever and I think you are happy about it too.  As soon as you stopped wearing nappies to bed to stopped waking up so many times and that is a blessing for all of us.  You only really wake once a night now and even better, you are happy to go back to your own bed rather than crawl in with us.  If it is late enough in the morning (after 5am) we just bring you into bed with us as it is easier than settling you but I'm fine with that occasional visit.

You are my girly girl.  You love the colour pink, and Dora, and baby dolls.  You love to dress up and you love jewellery.  You love singing and dancing and drawing and painting, and you finally love giving other people hugs.  Especially people who have known you for three years now and were wondering if you were ever going to acknowledge their existence.

What are my hopes for you for the upcoming year? I hope you keep enjoying childcare and don't mind me putting you in there several days a week. I hope you keep opening up to people and not spend so much time burying your face into my leg any time anyone speaks to you. Other than that I just want you to be happy.  Being the baby of the family can be tough sometimes but I think you've got enough spunk to get through.


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    And what a great feeling - no more nappies! Ever! Fewer wakeups in the middle of the night & less squashed bed! (Although there are times I almost miss the everyone-in-the-one-bed mornings).

    1. No. More. Nappies. I can't even believe I'm saying sometimes. :) But yes the bed snuggles are something I have always enjoyed, especially once they are not the way it *always* has to be. I still get plenty of couch cuddles from all them so it's not too bad.

  2. Aw, sweet! Happy birthday Poppy!

    But, hang on: I thought I left a comment here before already? Hmmm...