Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daisy turns seven.

These blog entries sure come around fast don't they?  It seems like I've only just finished rounding up one year and another is ready to be written.

There are a lot less obvious changes to talk about this year.  A lot of what is going on is inside your head and I am not always privy to that (until it bursts out in a torrent of angry words after I have offended you in some unknown way.)  You are taller, of course, still skinny and have your beloved long hair.  You are missing four teeth, although the adult teeth are coming through quite quickly at the moment, and you have at least two wobbly teeth on the go too.  This has given you quite a cute lisp although I try not to point it out too much as I don't want to make a big deal of it and embarrass you.  A lot of what I say and do embarrasses you at the moment so I am learning to be mindful of this.

You still love school although you had a rough start this year thanks to your high expectations not being met. You felt you were being treated like a little kid and that you deserved better but it all sorted itself out quite quickly.  Maths is still your favourite subject although Chinese seems to be challenging that position this year.  You don't technically study geography at school but you love studying the map and memorising all the flags so hopefully that becomes more of a feature in your classes soon. Your handwriting is still appalling so we've been told by your teacher to get some occupational therapy done in order to sort it out while you are still young.  In this digital world handwriting is going to become less and less important but if you don't get your pen licence at the same time as your peers (thanks to your handwriting) it's going to really upset you so we'll get on to it this term.

You still have no idea what you'd like to do when you are a grown up and change your mind depending on which TV show you are watching.  Bondi Vet? You want to be a vet. Young Talent Time?  You want to be a pop singer.  Bondi Rescue?   You want to be a lifesaver.  And so on.  I shall continue to push the angle that you should do something that you love as life is too long to be spend most of it in a miserable and unsuitable job.

Have you hit any other 'milestones' this year?  Not really.  You've just grown up and grown into the personality we've been observing for a few years now. You love to entertain us (singing, dancing, telling jokes), you love your family, you love your friends and you desperately want a pet.  Preferably a dog but a kitten will do.  We have decided to cave in on this issue recently (shhh, don't tell our landlord) and will be getting a kitten at some point in the year.  It all depends on when we can afford to buy a decent animal and not some 'puppy mill' creature, but when we bring the kitten home it will be the happiest day of your life.  In closing, I'm really not sure what to expect of you this year.  I think most of what happens will be inside your head and seeing as how you dwell on things for an eternity before sharing them I doubt I'll have much of a clue about what is going on. I'm pretty certain you'll face it with your absurd sense of humour and analytical brain though, and work your way through all the changes you're about to go through.

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  1. I can't believe she's 7 already. I remember seeing her as a little baby when we were a bit jet lagged on our way home to from our honeymoon.

    They grow up so fast!