Sunday, April 15, 2012


One week of the holidays down, one to go.  It hasn't been so bad this time around, although I am yet to convince the kids that boredom is character building.  Daisy has done a lot of reading (almost one book a day so far) and Felix has done a lot of Lego reassembly so they are trying to make their own fun, but Poppy's attempts have simply revolved around annoying her siblings so far.   But I refuse to be negative about it all and just try to do my own thing in amongst the fights and the interruptions that happen every five minutes.  I cannot stand parents who moan about their kids, whining about how little they get done and how their kids get in the way all the time.  Obviously it's OK to complain from time to time but when you actively choose to only see the negative side of a situation you miss the small happy moments that occur. They are little for such a short period of time so I feel you have to embrace the chaos and pick out those tiny moments when you can get your own stuff done (and that is when you work like a demon, not procrastinate on Facebook etc.)

As it is birthday season I have been busy making presents for a variety of people.  I have been madly knitting up small scarves for Daisy's friends as birthday presents  - two down, one on the needles and who knows how many more to go!  Daisy's birthday quilt is well on it's way and I am now up to the point where I can sandwich the top, batting and back and make a decision on the free motion quilting pattern.  I have a load of batting scraps so I am going to throw together some mini 'quilts' and practice some patterns before I go to work on Daisy's actual quilt, and then it will just be a case of binding it.  I am confident I can get this all done in the next couple of weeks. 

I have managed to lose the excellent recipe I had for marshmallow that I used last year and have had two epic failures recently in my attempts with alternative recipes.  I need to make black and blue marshmallows for Daisy's birthday cake so hopefully I can get it right before the end of the holidays.  It's not the cooking that annoys me but the horrendous clean up afterwards - everything is so damn sticky!  Chris is taking almost all of this coming week off so that should free me up a bit to deal with the boiling hot sugar syrup and seemingly endless whipping of the marshmallow in the mixer.

So that's my plan really.  Get some knitting done, make some marshmallow, referee fights, read my NYR12 book selection for this month ("Feel",) set up things for the kids to play with, play with free motion quilting and occasionally lie in the sun for short periods of time. Oh and run in preparation for the Mothers Day Classic which is not too far away at all.


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Sorry, can't help with the marshmallow recipe... I think I'm a bit lazy to make that!

  2. i have a marshmallow recipe that has worked for me in the past. I've been using it since i was about 12. I'll dig it out for you.