Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Made a bit of headway in a few different areas this week and I'm pretty pleased with it all.  First of all, I finished the wrap for Poppy that I've been working on for a few weeks.

I know there are unweaved in ends in that photo but for some reason all of my wool needles vanished at once and I really wanted to get a photo of the kids.  Plus the wrap is also missing two strips of snap tape (to close it) but it is so oversized I kind of tuck it around her at the moment (hence the rolled up sleeves which are currently about 2 inches too long.) And why are they sitting on a chair in the middle of the backyard?  To match the photos I took in winter last year of course.

I also made bagels.  They turned out beautifully and I stuffed myself sick on them.  I then froze several and defrosted them in a hot oven a few days later and they were still delicious so I am definitely making more.  I made plain ones and topped some with sesame seeds but now I want to try to replicate the sun dried tomato ones I loved so much in London.  And sweet ones flavoured with cinnamon and sultanas.

Another big deal this week?  Poppy has started to swallow food.  This may not seem like a big deal to some but this is a huge deal in our house.  She has achieved in a week what took Felix months so I am thrilled about that.  A friend suggested letting her mash some bits of banana on her high tray chair and then lick it off her fingers (thanks Nicole!) and I am still going to do that because, quite frankly, I think she would find it fun.  But so far she has taken some custard and pureed apple so I'm going to try to give her some cereal again to see if she can handle it.  The downside to all this food is of course the gross nappies (I had forgotten the true horror of that change) but that'll settle down eventually.

I have started back on Mum's Ishbel but after making Poppy's wrap out of Aran weight cotton on 5.5mm needles I feel like I am now knitting with cobwebs.  But I'm not stuffing up the stitch count so I'm happy about that.  I need to do a bit more sewing before I commit to more knitting though as Felix is desperate for more jackets that fit (not jumpers, only tops with zips will do and if they have a hood then even better.)  And once I've done the jackets I need to get started on his Seth so I can give that to him for his birthday. 

The garden paths are now weed free.  That Zero stuff is really effective but it takes bloody ages to work.  I want to see weeds die in the space of a few days, not three weeks later.  Now I'm going to test some non-pesticide ways of stopping those stupid white butterflies decimating my broccoli and brussel sprouts.  Bastards.  The garden we set up at school is doing nicely, despite a hoard of enthusiastic kids trampling everything as soon as it was put in the ground.   I might bring in the watering can in the next couple of days though as a few things a still looking a little worse for wear and water in a bit more Seasol.  I also have some spare onion seedlings that I don't want to plant here so they might as well go somewhere where they can have a shot at life, rather than just heading into our compost bin.  And of course there is also the kindy garden to discuss at the governing council meeting and hopefully start to make some headway there as well.

Felix has to go into hospital on Friday to get stainless steel caps put on some of his back teeth, just like Daisy did at that age.  Unfortunately he has the same condition as her (hyperplasic teeth) but because we saw it and recognised it this time I think he can just get the less invasive treatment done on most of the teeth.  It'll still cost us around $2000 again though, because it is being done under a general anaesthetic and in a hospital room.  Ouch.  We are starting a fund now for Poppy as it is an inherited condition and I reckon the odds are that she will have it too.

This week is almost halfway through already so I don't have many predictions about what will get done.  I'd like to sew a zip into a knitted jacket (I'll show that next week), trace off a jacket pattern for Felix (and perhaps do a little bit of cutting out), and do a few more rows of the Ishbel (probably while I am perched on a stool in the bathroom supervising Poppy during her bath time.)

Sorry about the crap layout of the photos in this post.  This is one thing I have always hated about Blogger and it seems that they have made the interface even worse lately and it always seems to arse things up for me now.


  1. That wrap is really nice. You could probably tie it with a ribbon, too. (attached to the point on the side that folds over and the other tie under the arm, or wherever the point ends up at)

    I'm still drooling over those bagel pictures. I really need to see if I have all ingredients at home and make some myself.

    And a loud YAY for Poppy and you! But those nappies... Oh I know what you mean. The first one is always a shock, isn't it. The first time Sara had fish I instantly remembered why Sam had very little fish when he was little *lol*
    Now we're toilet training and OMG the laundry! I totally blocked that out, too.

    WOW on the medical bill for Felix's teeth. Definitely start a fund for Poppy. Did you read the link Ren posted this week about the tree planting ritual in an Indian village? Maybe you should plant Mango trees, too ;-)

  2. Looking great! The bagels look yum! :-)

  3. Poppy is such a happy baby - check out that smile! Glad to hear about her swallowing skills

    Happy holidays ;)